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LEGO Island 1.1

LEGO Island is an action-adventure game that features a series of missions
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Mindscape, Inc.

LEGO Island is an action-adventure game that was developed by Mindscape for PC, is the first in the LEGO Island series. This is a non-linear game with a first person perspective; it features a series of missions including pizza delivery, jet ski racing, and putting the ‘Brickster’ back in jail. It also features a variety of playable characters who each have unique abilities that can help the player throughout the game.

The player can choose to roam around customizing the island by building or performing missions. Of course the primary mission is to deliver a pizza to the jail using the character Pepper, which will in turn let the Brickster out of jail by mistake. Afterwards the player then has to go around the island doing additional things to try and get the Brickster back in jail before he deconstructs the entire island.

You can customize the game with no limits; when playing as Pepper, players can change plants and change hats. When playing as Nick, players can change colors of body parts. When playing as Laura, players can change walking animations, or "moods." Laura also can change the way plants and houses that can't be entered react. Players can also build various vehicles and customize colors and textures.

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  • Build, race, jetski and skate
  • Perform fun missions
  • For all ages


  • Discontinued
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